Worksurfaces - Betoniset


Tailor-made concrete work surface in kitchen is a presentable and modern part of your kitchen’s appearance. In addition to its looks, the concrete worksurface is hard, durable and care free. There are plenty of colour Tailor-made concrete worksurfaces can be used practically anywhere – in kitchen, as a dining table or as a worktop for many purposes – and they can be used in- and outdoors.options. In addition to colour, we can add differently coloured and sized stones into the concrete mix. The worksurfaces are available both in smooth and grinded concrete. The surface of the products is dealt with in a way that makes the products water and dirt repellant.

Concrete worksurfaces can also be used as furniture such as dining- or sofa tables. The top of a table can be made of concrete whereas the frame beneath being metal or wood, for instance. The colour, the surface (smooth/grinded) can be produced according to customer’s wishes.

These products are not sold abroad so far.