Concrete is a versatile raw material that can be used both in- and outdoors. Its benefits are durability, ease of maintenance and “timelessness”. Concrete can be widely used in home decoration, where its raw and rough nature are brought live. Concrete products come with pores of different shapes and sizes that give the products character and an individual look. In hand-made
products the craftsmanship is always visible and part of the product.

Concrete is a very hard material, which is also reinforced to prevent cracking. The amount of reinforcement depends on the shape and intended use of the product. In addition, the cast concrete can be mixed with, for example, a glass fiber reinforcement in order to add strength. Concrete surfaces can also be finished in a number of ways. Appearance of the product is affected for example by the choice of mold material and the cast concrete mix composition. Concrete can be colored and/or engraved with text and images. These features provide a combination of beautiful and durable concrete products.

Concrete is very porous if left without a coating material. With the proper coating material the porosity of the concrete can be closed, after which it will last even strong chemicals. Also, the concrete mix can be added additives which inhibit the absorption of liquid further into the concrete. We use coating lacquers for this purpose. Lacquers is used in our products in a way that allows our products appear almost untreated. Properly coated concrete does not require regular care. General sanitation suffice quite well. Another advantage of concrete is that it withstands heat well and that possible scratches can be sanded off if necessary.

Concrete products are finished by grinding and dealt with the intended use of the product and the customer`s preferences in mind. Smooth concrete means that the product, after removal from the mold, is grinded only lightly. In practice, the product is just as smooth and flawless as its mold. Molds of our products are made carefully and therefore the quality of our products is very high.

Grinded concrete means that the product is grinded to such an extent that the stones mixed in the cement will be displayed. This provides, in addition to the basic color, more variation with the help of differently sized and coloured decorative stones. We can use both smooth or grinded concrete according to the customer`s wishes. The products presented in the online shop are made of smooth concrete.

Special concrete manufacturing principle is different from the traditional concrete. Both contain concrete, cement, sand and stone, but in special concrete the water has been replaced by a polymeric substance. The semblance and the looks of the product do not change but the surface becomes “closed” leading to extremely low absorbance of water etc. The special concrete is hard and durable material.