Uudenmaan Betoniset is a family-owned business established in 2013. Betoniset designs, produces and imports precast concrete decorative products for in- and outdoor use. Our products are handcrafted and unique. Our products can be divided into two categories: e-commerce products, and custom products. E-commerce products are easily and quickly available from our shop. Custom-made products are designed together with the customer. Custom Product dimensions' are usually taken at the customer's premises and at the same time the customer can choose their personal favorite color and surface options (smooth concrete, grinded concrete or special concrete). In all our activities we invest in the
quality of products as well as the appearance and good customer service.

Uudenmaan Betoniset
Jyrkänpellontie 17
01830 Lepsämä, Nurmijärvi
info (AT) betoniset.fi
Business ID: 2618634-1